Dan Gainor: Anti-Trump media dream up their scariest Halloween nightmare

With Halloween arriving on Thursday, some journalists let their imaginations go wild and wrote about the frightening nightmare that haunts them – the reelection of President Trump.

Relax, there’s at most a little more than five years left in the media’s obsessive quest to impeach Trump. This too shall pass.

First we had journalists hyping an entirely anonymous book by the same author of the entirely anonymous anti-Trump op-ed published by The New York Times in September 2018.

Anti-Trump journalists swallowed this one like a handful of M&Ms handed out to trick-or-treaters.


Are the charges in the op-ed true? Is the book accurate? With the writer hiding his or her identity like someone in the witness protection program, there’s no way of knowing and no way of challenging the writer’s claims.

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Then things got even weirder.

“CBS This Morning” journalist Nikole Killion apparently time-traveled to promote her fantasy ticket for the 2020 election. She actually pressed Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., about whether he would pick fellow socialist media magnet Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., as his vice presidential running mate if he becomes the Democratic nominee to run against Trump.

There’s just one problem with this fantasy. The Constitution says the president and vice president must be at least 35 years old, and that means Ocasio-Cortez won’t be old enough to be elected to one of those offices until the 2024 election.

Time travel was all the rage. Politico's senior White House reporter Darren Samuelsohn must have been watching “Avengers: Endgame” for story tips. He took his readers on a time-travel trip to the scariest future he could imagine — in a Politico Magazine story headlined “What If Trump Wins?”

Oh, no, Mr. Bill. Not that!

Samuelsohn actually called his article a trip into “the POLITICO Time Machine.”

As the reporter envisioned it, Trump defeats Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., in a close Electoral College battle, after losing the popular vote. “But this mixed verdict has done nothing but further entrench the battle lines of a civil war that has become more than just a metaphor,” Samuelsohn writes ominously.

The fantasy went on to predict that “people have been killed.” Trump orders “troops onto the streets of Washington” and helps secure the 2024 nomination for first daughter Ivanka Trump.

Yes, this hallucination ran on the pages of an alleged news organization and was written by a senior White House reporter. And in case it wasn’t clear enough, the message was: support Trump and you get civil war and tyranny.

Politico, D-D.C., has never been subtle.

But wait, there’s more pre-Halloween hijinks by Trump haters masquerading as journalists.

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough decided that just as people wouldn’t admit they supported Trump the first time, “people will be reluctant to admit publicly that they can’t put up with him anymore.” Despite a whole world of liberal media that would sing their praises.

Scarborough based the entire premise that “actually the fear and loathing is rising” on one conversation he had with a man in Florida. So, Florida Man is deciding the world view of an entire TV show.

Of course, this is the same Joe who also claimed a few days ago that Trump had committed massive crimes and it’s “all about failed casinos.” According to Scarborough, Trump “is owned by [Russian President Vladimir] Putin because he’s been laundering money, Russian money for the last 20, 30 years.”

The easiest way to tell Scarborough is lying is he still claims he’s “a conservative.”

Harvard student journalists attacked for practicing journalism

College is where many student journalists learn the basics of their craft — asking knowledgeable people “who, what, where, when, why and how” about the stories they cover – and seeking comment from more than one side.

Harvard Crimson staffers certainly got a lesson in how this works last week. They learned that Harvard leftists are biased idiots every single day.

And what’s worse, the leftists expect their college newspaper to reflect that worldview, such as it is.

The Harvard Crimson has a storied history going back 146 years. But history isn’t the paper’s problem. It has a problem with current events and the unwillingness of campus leftists to accept them.

Harvard leftists held a pro-immigration rally to protest the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE). The Crimson covered the event but had the audacity to ask ICE for a comment, which it didn’t provide.

The lefties were outraged by … journalism. The far-left group that organized the initial protest, Act on a Dream, even launched a petition to stop the Crimson from ever doing journalism again. The petition whined about the paper’s “cultural insensitivity” and demanded the staff “apologize for the harm they inflicted.”

The protesters were upset because they claimed the paper informed on them to The Man. What’s funny is that the paper went out of its way to not do that, waiting until the event was over to ask for the comment it never got.

The paper is standing up to protesters — for now. At least this should provide the student journalists a clear lesson for the future. Leftists demand and usually receive fealty from most professional journalists. So the student journalists might stand up now, but they’ll be expected to bend the knee later on.

The one group it’s OK to hate

There’s one group journalists love to hate: old white guys who are Republicans or conservatives, or maybe both.

That racial double standard was on full display last week when journalists screamed about Trump using the word “lynch” but forgot they hadn’t been bothered by it when Biden and other Democrats used the term during the Clinton impeachment.


But the “neutral” news media really worked itself into an uproar when roughly two dozen Republicans entered a House closed-door impeachment hearing this past week without authorization.

MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch blasted the Republicans to the “Morning Joe” audience. He called them "those white guys, those middle-aged, boring, nerdy-looking white guys.” (Donny apparently has no mirrors in his home or office.) Picture an outlet mocking the race of congressmen when Democrats staged an anti-gun sit-in on the House floor in 2016.

CNN went even further. Commentator Keith Boykin said the action by Republican House members was reminiscent of the KKK. “This looked like a Klan group assembled outside a jail trying to get the sheriff to let them in so they could deliver justice to somebody who was inside,” he told anchor Jake Tapper. For his part, Tapper responded with the mildest of critiques. “Respectfully, I think the Klan metaphor was a little strong,” he said.

Ya think?


The only bright spot came on CBS when “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert mocked the race of the Republicans as well. Because, at least he was funny. He described the scene, saying, “That is a large herd of white men. By the way, a herd of white men is called a ‘A J. Crew.’ A ‘J. Crew’ of white men.”

In 2019, it’s OK to make fun of people’s race as long as they’re on the right.


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