Michigan girl, 5, honored with parade after beating cancer

Neighbors, friends and relatives of a 5-year-old Michigan girl who just completed her final five-day inpatient chemotherapy session welcomed her home Tuesday with a parade past her driveway, according to a local report.

Amanda Schutter of Grand Rapids had shared a heartwarming photo of her daughter Rosie’s beaming face following her final inpatient chemotherapy session earlier this week.

“It’s our last night here in the hospital for chemo! Going home tomorrow,” Amanda Schutter wrote when she posted the image to Facebook on Monday. “Rosie has been doing great and feeling good.”

Rosie was in the hospital for the five-day chemo session beginning last Friday, according to her mother.

After she returned home, members of the community rolled down her street in a show of support, 11 Alive reported.

More than 80 families planned to meet at the nearby Frontline Community Church before driving by Rosie’s house, the outlet reported.


Video shows the Schutter family on the front lawn, waving and smiling as the line of cars passes by, with horns honking and people waving back through windows and sunroofs.

Amanda Schutter had been posting regular updates of her daughter’s progress on Facebook -- detailing her recovery and the scares that came up along the way, including a fever in March.

“Please pray for us during the next five days,” she wrote last week, before the chemo appointment. “It’s especially difficult with the current visitor restrictions.”

Due to new hospital restrictions in response to the coronavirus, Rosie’s father and sister were not able to visit her during this last stay in the hospital, according to Schutter’s Facebook page.

But now she’s home -- and hopefully cancer-free for good.

Rosie has two more outpatient treatments scheduled, and if they go well, she’ll be done, her mother said.

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