Do Not Sell My Personal Information – California Privacy Rights

We and our advertising partners collect certain information, including cookies and similar information stored on your browsers, advertising identifiers on your mobile devices, and/or the IP address of your devices when you visit our sites or use our apps. We and our partners use that information to tailor and deliver ads to you on your devices. Such sharing may be considered a “Sale” under California law.

Opt Out

If you wish to opt out of the sharing of your information in connection with tailored advertising in desktop and mobile browsers, please visit http://optout.aboutads.info/#/ or http://optout.networkadvertising.org/# on each of your devices and browsers. To opt out in mobile apps, you may use your device’s “Limit Ad Tracking” or similar settings or download and use the AppChoices app at http://www.aboutads.info/appchoices. To opt out on connected TVs, please use the “Limit Ad Tracking,“ “Interest-based Ads,” or equivalent settings on your device. Please note that opting out does not mean that you will stop seeing all ads.

Please follow these opt out instructions for each of your browsers and devices.

To learn more about our information practices, please see our Privacy Policy [http://www.kibucd.com.cn/privacy-policy]

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